Peter, Fatboy, TC, Hans & The Angler

After three years of prototyping, intensive testing and optimization, we‘re glad to offer you the best performing decks you ever skated. 

You have the choice between five innovative bufo® shapes. The boards are engineered, designed and manufactured in Germany.

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You’re sick of your skateboard softening or wearing out too soon?

Then BUY ME!  –  I am HARDCORK®

I last at least 4 times longer than other skatedecks, I am 100% waterproof, have enormous pop and keep my properties throughout my life. You can jump higher and ride smoother.

Hard to beat

Strong & durable
Our decks are incredible strong and durable. The lifespan is at least four times longer than other skatedecks and they features an integrated high density tail and nose protector.

The composite material makes HARDCORK® decks also up to 40% lighter. The board gets more responsive and reacts directly to you.

Pop & Elasticity
With HARDCORK® you’ll reach the next level of skating! It has incredible pop and flex. You can jump higher and drive smoother. The elasticity of the cork absorbs shockwaves on uneven surfaces.

Our decks are 100% waterproof. They are keeping their properties for lifetime and do not soften up like other, conventional wooden decks. (except our parkboard peter, he‘s a hybrid)

Unique Look
The cork and noble wooden surfaces let the boards look very unique. »Corkgrib« is our special grippy cork surface. It performs like griptape, but is softer. It saves your clothes while carrying and allows you to skate barefoot. You can easily cover it with classical griptape, if you want. Our boards are customizable in any aspects.

HARDCORK® decks are very ecological. 75% of the used material is regrowing. Our whole production is solvent free and we are using only eco-friendly bio resin. 



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