Our vision is to build the best performing boards 

with as less as possible impact on mother nature!

Become part of the green composite revolution.

 After 3 years of Prototyping we optimized the process to be ready for market now!

We would love to share this game changing technology with you and invite to reach the next level with us.


From manufacture to small scale production with your support!



By Mixing Cork with natural fabric, we developed a more ecological and better performing Skateboard.  



Cork makes HARDCORK boards up to 40% lighter and increase its pop enormously.

The Elasticity of the Cork enables your board to absorb shock waves of uneven surfaces. 

Thanks to the natural fibers your board feels more direct than ever before - enhanced torsional strength. 

Enhanced flex of your board helps on smooth landings. 


We use  75% regrowing materials by using cork, natural fibers and eco-friendly resin. Cork is the bark of the Cork-oak harvested like a sheep every 7-9 years . While regrowing the bark absorbs more CO2 than emitted in its further processing.

Our teamriders from the "2er" Hannover claim that the lifespan is five times longer compared to a normal park skateboard with intense usage.

We believe our HARDCORK cruisers will last you whole life.  

Wooden boards start to soften after some time due to mechanical fatigue. HARDCORK keeps its pop and strenght. 

Also humidity impact limits the lifespan of ordinary boards - HARDCORK boards are 100% waterproof.

HARDCORK boards are coming with a higher breaking strength. But nothing is unbreakable - But even if your board gets damaged it is always repairable - by yourself or by us!


Our boards are produced in a completely new Skateboard construction out of cork and natural Fabric

The production process is 100% solvent free.

It can be finished with a thin layer of veneer - any  kind of wood is possible. This keeps your familiar sliding abilities and still reduces wood consumption by 95%.

100% are saved on the pure HARDCORK version. 

For cruiser and freeride boards we recommend our corkgriptape - perfect for barefoot skating.

Our vision is to build the best performing boards with as less as possible impact on mother nature!

Be part of our mission to make board sport more sustainable.

Lets do it together!

Get the latest update, early bird deals and find out when we launch!

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30453 Hannover, Germany

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