Surf fast Rock hard

Our HARDCORK® Surfboards are ready to push limits!

The new glassing technology is much more durable and you will love the high performance. 

Actually you have the choice between five innovative bufo® shapes. More are coming soon.

The boards are engineered in Germany and manufactured in Portugal.


ab 980,- €


ab 1.180,- €


ab 960,- €


ab 960,- €


ab 960,- €

Most of the Surfboards on the market are extremely fragile which decreases their lifetime enormously. Spider cracks are a well known problem. Boards are loosing flex and performance after a while due to cracks and delamination. Furthermore, the currently used materials are not environmentally friendly. 

With HARDCORK® construction we are able to solve all of the named problems even enhancing performance and flex. 

​The HARDCORK® technology is keeping your board in shape for years, without losing any performance. Beside being more ecological by using cork, you are getting more positive side effects surfing have not seen. All used materials are state of the art composite materials and 100% waterproof. 


Our production is close to ZERO Waste. 


based on light EPS foam and by  replacing 30% of epoxy resin with low density cork



HARDCORK making your board more durable

better dampening

great control even in choppy conditions 

high crack resistance

ultimate strain is 4 times higher than a normal poly glassing

more flex 

cork mixed into epoxy resin producing a familiar PU feel being lighter and stronger



your blank is 100% protected against lifetime reducing sunlight


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Fössestr. 103 (Platzprojekt)
30453 Hannover, Germany

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Eleonorenstr. 18 (Aufgang 1)
30449 Hannover, Germany

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